RSO Program - Earn a FREE 1 Year Membership - Become a RSO


The  Bigfork Gun Club Range Safety Officer (RSO) program today consists of about 45 members. All participants were required to attend a safety training class, conducted at our clubhouse by an NRA Certified Chief  Range Safety Officer (CRSO). The Club absorbed the full costs associated with training and issuing participants official RSO hats. 

RSO's  can earn individual memberships by performing 20 hours of RSO duty, or  Spousal memberships for 25 combined hours duty performed, within a  12-month period (6/1 to 5/31 of the following year). These free (earned)  memberships will be awarded on your next membership renewal date of  6/1. 

It's  noteworthy to mention RSO's can themselves shoot while on-duty,  providing of course they are able to satisfactorily monitor other  individuals and their firearm activities. RSO's are backed by the full authority of the Officers and Board of Directors to assure all Club  rules, range regulations, policies and range safety procedures are being followed. RSO programs such as this exist in many gun clubs nationwide,  so our Board of Directors has approved organizing and implementing this program which generates fully trained Range Safety Officers. 

Club members who are interested in joining our RSO Team should email Robert Henneman.