Defensive Pistol matches are where we put our skills to the test in defensive scenarios. 

Our first priority is safety. The four laws of gun safety are always in effect, and we follow all range rules. Safety brief starts at 10 am. Missing the brief means you won't be able to shoot. 

Our second priority is to have fun. Stages are designed for new shooters to be exposed to defensive concepts while not being overwhelmed. 

Our third priority is to improve ourselves. Stages have optional challenges to stress experienced shooters. Any shooter can choose to accept or pass on the challenge for any stage. 

Gear Requirements:

> A reliable handgun used in concealed carry, duty carry, or pistol competition. 

> A hard leather or plastic holster with a compatible, solid carry belt. Shoulder (armpit), ankle, and chest carry do not work with our safety rules. 

> Solid outdoor, closed-toe footwear (boots recommended).

> A method to carry 21 rounds on your body. 

> 100 rounds total

> Eye and Ear Protection

> Water, and any other supplies for the weather. 

Match Details:

> Setup starts at 8:00 am, we're always happy for a helping hand!

> Registration starts at 9:45 am

> Safety Brief starts at 10:00 am

> Match fee is $20, $15 for club members


Visit our Practiscore page to register for upcoming matches and view scores. Registration opens the day after the previous match. 

Contact the match director to get onto our mailing list. The mailing list will confirm the match, report cancellations, changes, or other defensive pistol announcements. 


Jack Andenoro

406-270-7065 (call or text)